montessori toys for 6-7 month olds

Best Montessori Toys for 6-7 Month Olds

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The world is a fascinating place and your baby is ready to explore every bit of it.

Many children at the age of 6 – 7 months have already gained enough strength to move independently. Sometimes their determination is bigger than their actual abilities but gradually, they become more confident and stable in their moves.

Just as they start crawling, infants also learn how to sit by themselves and may even begin pulling themselves up into a standing position. So, you really want to make sure that your home is safe and your furniture is ready to be climbed on!

What about supported sitting?

Many Montessori families (including us) do not practice supported sitting with their children.

Not only due to the health concerns (it may put too much pressure on the spine that is not ready to sit yet) but also because it is against the Montessori philosophy of independence and freedom of movement.

This is the same reason why you’ll never find a Montessori book or post recommending bumbo chairs, bouncers or walkers. 

Every child is different. Some babies are very active and some need more time to move or sit independently. And that is perfectly ok 🙂

The Montessori method respects children’s own pace and does not try to interfere with their natural development.

That does not mean we refuse any parent-guided activities. There are many activities and beautiful toys that are age-appropriate, purposeful and that spark curiosity and encourage infants’ healthy movement.

This is our list of the best Montessori-friendly toys for 6 – 7 months old babies:

Montessori baby floor mirror

montessori mirror

Children love seeing their reflection in the mirror. And don’t worry – it’s a developmental phase called the mirror stage, not a sign of unhealthy narcissism 🙂

At the age of 6 months, babies still do not recognize themselves in the mirror and believe to see there another child. Nonetheless, they are fascinated by their little friend and love observing him in detail!

It will be only around 18 months, when they finally understand that what they see in the mirror is actually the reflection of themselves!

Colorful playsilks

A set of colorful playsilks

Playsilks are very popular in Montessori families.

Around the age of 6 – 8 months, children begin to grasp the idea that even though they cannot see something, it still exists. This concept is known as object permanence. That is why children of this age enjoy playing simple hide and seek game, or a peekaboo.

Not only are these games good for understanding the concept of object permanence, but they also strengthen your baby’s visual tracking and social-emotional development – your little one will find them for sure hilarious! Just put your hands over your face or cover it with a scarf and see for yourself!

Montessori spinning drum

spinning drum

The Montessori spinning drum is another example of a sensorial toy that is beautiful, simple, purposeful and entertaining at the same time.

By spinning the drum, the child straightens the arm and wrist muscles, important for both gross and fine motor skills. It is also perfect for hand-eye coordination and understanding the relationship between cause and effect.

With its beautiful colors and the sound of a little ball inside, this toy will definitely catch the attention of your child.

First 100 words (board book)

First 100 words board book

Yay, it is time to introduce first books to your baby!

Of course, at this age, it’s not about actual reading. You don’t want to teach your child new things either. Instead, start by showing pictures of the things your baby knows from everyday life.

Some families that follow the Montessori method decide to start their child’s language development by taking photos of objects from the house, printing them out, and laminating. And it’s a great approach.

And of course, there are many great books. We find First 100 words book to be great at this age because the pictures are very simple and reality-based.

Pop-up play tunnel

crawling tunnel

Crawling is one of the healthiest movements for your baby. It requires a considerable amount of coordination between the upper and lower body and activates both sides of the brain. So let your little one crawl as much as possible!

Play tunnel is a perfect toy for babies that start crawling (as it encourages them to move forward), as well as for older children who will find many ways to play with it creatively.

This simple pop-up tunnel by Poco Divo is easy to set up and even easier to put back into the closet when not in use. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, so it provides a lot of opportunities for exercise and fun.

Montessori pull up bar for infants

pull up bar

A pull-up bar has a simple purpose – to help your little one to stand up on their own. It’s a great Montessori-friendly tool because it “forces” children to rely on their own abilities and learn to bear their own weight instead of being pulled by parents.

The bar is often combined with a mirror as seeing their own reflection is a great encouragement for the little climbers and a perfect set up for a Montessori playroom.  

Stokke Trip Trapp adjustable high chair

Stokke high chair

Montessori families love the baby-led weaning method of introducing solid food.

Basically, it means that you skip purees and let children feed themselves finger food independently from the start (usually about the age of 6 months).

It promotes independence, but it is also great for fine motor skills and oral motor skills that are crucial for speech development.

Stokke Trip Trapp high chair is a great Montessori-friendly piece of furniture for your little one. It allows your child to be part of the table with the rest of the family (thus helping to introduce table manners) and is easy to climb on (so it promotes independence).

We highly recommend it.

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