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Free Montessori Printables

Welcome to our collection of free Montessori printables. 

Working with printables is one of the most popular activities in Montessori households. In this free collection, you’ll find many useful card sets that depict and classify various aspects of the world around us.

About our printables

  • All our printables are 100% FREE and always will be. It is our way of giving back to the awesome Montessori community.
  • No e-mail or registration is needed. You can download each set by simply clicking on the download button.
  • All the printables are made of high-quality, realistic images. Each PDF file has 1 card per page so it’s up to you what cards you want to use and how many cards per sheet you want to print.

Please note that all of our free downloads are for personal use only. Please don’t upload them to any website. If you’d like to share, just link to this page.

We’ll update this collection continuously. Right now, our printables are divided into four main categories:

If you need any help, please check our advice on how to download and print our printables

Visual stimulation cards

Black & White Sensory Cards for Babies (24 pcs)

free baby visual stimulation cards

A set of 24 simple black & white cards with basic shapes and various patterns (12 white cards with black objects and 12 black cards with white objects). Ideal for the first 3 months.

Black, Red & White Visual Stimulation Cards (16 pcs)

baby montessori visual stimulation cards

A set of 16 big high-contrast black, red & white cards with simple objects. Great for the age 3 – 6 months when the baby starts to do the visual transition from black and white to color.

Montessori nomenclature cards

Feelings (15 cards)

This simple, toddler-friendly set consists of images of children experiencing a wide range of emotions and feelings.

Fruits (30 cards)

Fruits Montessori nomenclature cards

A set of 30 high-quality Montessori nomenclature image flashcards with white background depicting the most popular fruits.

Vegetables (30 cards)

Vegetables Montessori nomenclature cards

This set contains 28 flashcards with colorful images of the most common vegetables on a white background. 

Basic colors (11 cards)

All the basic colors – nothing more, nothing less. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, black, gray, white, and brown.

Colorful nature (11 cards)

Colors free Montessori cards

A set of 11 cards with all the basic colors. Each color is represented by four images of animals, plants, or other objects from nature. 

Flowers (28 cards)

Flowers Montessori language cards

A set of 28 nomencalture flashcards with the most common flowers like rose, tulip, daffodil, snowdrop, lily, pansy, buttercup, lilac, daisy, bluebell, dandelion, etc.

Farm animals (15 cards)

Farm animals free Montessori nomenclature cards

A very popular set consisting of 15 high-quality photos of the most common farm animals. From cattle and poultry to mice and pigeons. 

Pets (15 cards)

pets free printables

This Montessori card set consists of 15 images of the most common pet animals in the world. From dogs, cats and rabbits to birds and reptiles. 

Butterflies (18 cards)

Butterflies Montessori nomenclature cards

A set of 18 Montessori nomenclature cards with the names and high-quality photos of the most common butterflies living in North America.

Insects (30 cards)

Insects language Montessori printables

A set of 30 high-quality flashcard images and names of the most common US types of insects – from housefly to the giant stag beetle.

Dog breeds (42 cards)

Dog breeds free Montessori classification cards

A set of 42 high-quality Montessori nomenclature cards with images and names of the most popular dog breeds. Very popular among toddlers of all ages.

Birds of the world (46 cards)

Birds of the world free Montessori language cards

This collection of 46 flashcards features a variety of birds from all around the world – from a house sparrow to the blue bird-of-paradise.

Backyard birds (25 cards)

Backyard birds nomenclature cards

Another “bird set”, this time with pictures and names of the 25 common backyard birds living in North America. 

Sea animals (36 cards)

Sea animals Montessori 3-part cards

A set of 36 realistic photos of various sea animals – from the most common fish and sharks species to crustaceans or ocean mammals.

Wildlife of Africa (25 cards)

Wildlife Africa Montessori nomenclature cards

Our wildlife series presents undomesticated animal species from different continents. This set consists of 25 cards of the most common African wild animals. 

Wildlife of Europe (22 cards)

Wildlife Europe Montessori language cards

Wildlife of Europe presents 22 wild animals native to the Old Continent – from well-known species such as brown bear to lesser known animals like fire salamander.

Wildlife of North America (23 cards)

Wildlife North America Montessori cards

With this set, we focus on 23 well-known wild mammals, birds and ambhibians native to North America. 

Wildlife of South America (22 cards)

Wildlife South America printable cards

A set of 22 Montessori nomenclature cards depicting the unique wildlife of South America. 

Weather (15 cards)

Weather 3-part cards

These 15 printable cards depict various types of weather and weather phenomena such as fog, mist, lightning, hailstorm, tornado, sleeting, etc. 

Universe (28 cards)

Universe free Montessori nomenclature cards

The Montessori universe-themed cards are very popular. The cards fall into 3 categories: planets, space objects and man-made spacecraft.

Land and water forms (24 cards)

Land and water forms language cards

A set depicting the most common land and water forms is a great intro to geography. Children can learn to distinguish between basic terms and understand the relationships between various forms of the natural landscape.

Vehicles: Land (25 cards)

Vehicles land Montessori language cards

A set of 25 printable flashcards with the most common road vehicles – from cars and trucks to agriculture and heavy-duty machinery. 

Vehicles: Air (14 cards)

Vehicles air printables cards

This set contains 14 cards with pictures of various types of human-operated aircraft. From smaller airplanes to military aircraf and spaceships.

Vehicles: Water (21 cards)

Vehicles water cards

A set of 21 water vehicles, from simple boats to various types of ships, bigger watercraft and large ships for transportation or military purposes.

Jobs and occupations (41 cards)

Jobs and occupations Montessori cards

Jobs are a popular topic among toddlers. In this big set, you’ll find 41 pictures of people of various occupations performing their job.

Musical instruments (24 cards)

Musical instruments printables

A set of 24 nomenclature cards of the most common musical instruments. All the images show an musician playing the instrument so that the child can easily understand the way they are used.

Sports (35 cards)

Sports language cards

The most popular sports in a set of 35 colorful cards with high-quality photos of professional athletes performing the activity.

Montessori math cards

Counting 1 – 10 (Fruits)

Montessori cards counting

A set of 10 counting cards with the following fruits: a pineapple, oranges, bananas, strawberries, pears, apples, plums, cherries, blueberries and raspberries. 

Counting 1 – 10 (Count & Clip)

Free Montessori Count and clip cards

These count and clip cards are a great way to learn counting from 1 to 10 and reinforce numeral to quantity association. 

2D geometric shapes (15 cards)

Geometric objects 2D nomenclature cards

A simple set that will help your child to learn all the basic two-dimensional geometric objects.

Famous paintings

Famous Paintings – Landscapes

landscape paintings free printables

A set of twelve A4 sheets with landscape paintings by six famous painters – Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne, Hokusai, Henri Rousseau, and Thomas Cole. 

How to download and print our printables

Due to the large size of the PDF files, all our printables are stored on an external, publicly available Google Drive.

After clicking on the download button, the file will open in a new window. All you need to do is to click on the download button in the top right corner.

(If you’re on a smartphone, click on the three dots – then download.)

Once you’ve downloaded the set, you can print it. Since all our sets are structured as one card per page, you can choose to print any number of pages per sheet in the advanced printing settings.

If you want your cards to be more durable, you can laminate them. You can buy a cheap laminator (we like this one on Amazon – the link is affiliate) or just get it printed and laminated in your local print shop.

Here’s a detailed guide by Montessori Print Shop that will help you if you’re not sure how to prepare your cards.

Most of our printables are very straightforward and don’t require any special instructions. However, there are many ways and activities you can do with Montessori 3-part cards. If you want to dive deeper into various ways of using Montessori 3-part cards, read this great guide by Jojoebi.

If you have any technical difficulties or questions, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help. The same applies to suggestions or ideas about what topics should we cover next.

How to say thank you

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31 thoughts on “Free Montessori printables”

  1. Thank you for this precious material! I’m an English teacher in a Montessori school, and I needed some flashcards like yours! thank you so much.
    Elisa (from Italy)

  2. First of all, I love your flashcards. However, I cannot download the farm animals pfd or the weather pdf. Could you please send them to me? I would appreciate it very much. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Bonita, I’m not sure why you can’t download them, I tested it and it works fine on my side. Anyway, I’ve just sent the two sets you mentioned to your email address 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂

  3. Thank you for these printables. Can you also advise the best ages they can be used? You have specified for the black and white + black and red but not the others. This would be very helpful for me as a parent.

    1. Hi MamaTLS, this depends mainly on how the cards will be used.

      With toddlers, you can just present the images and say the names of the objects/animals. So the text is mainly a guide for the parent in this case. There are also many games you can play, such as categorizing the objects by size (our favorite activity with the dog breeds set), or “I’m thinking of…”. The possibilities are countless.

      Older children learn to associate the image with the words below, so you may start using the cards in the standard way (as “3-part cards”) and let the child match the image and the text. You’ll find many great guides on this method online.

      I hope this helped 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions!

  4. Thank you for the great cards – just what I was looking for! I cannot access the North American Animals link though, has that link been removed? thanks again

    1. Hi Al, thank you very much, I’m glad you like them! I’ve sent you the Wildlife of North American set to your email since you can’t open it from here.

  5. First of all, THANK YOU! These are beautiful & excellent picture quality <3. I would love to see an Asian Animals & Body Parts cards.

  6. Hello,
    Thanks a lot for those nice cards and your great support ! They are such a delight for children to work with!

  7. Thank you for sharing this wonderful material, it has been really helpful for me. I wonder if the cards can be printed smaller. I have already printed in a whole sheet of paper but I need them smaller. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Abby, in the printing settings, you’ll find the option to print multiple pages per one sheet of paper (see the short guide in the “How to download and print our printables” section.) This should solve your issue.

      I’m happy you like our cards! 🙂

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