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Montessori Furniture: 8 Most Popular Pieces in Montessori Households

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Furniture plays an important role in a Montessori household.

The Montessori method puts an emphasis on independence and hand-on learning. Choosing the right pieces of furniture for your child is not only a matter of design preferences but also functionality and educational value.

When choosing the Montessori furniture for your child, always look at these 4 aspects:

  • Educational value – it should support independence and help the child participate in everyday activities
  • Quality of material – it should be sturdy and durable to withstand the intensity of an active toddler
  • Appropriate size – it should be proportional to the size and age of your child
  • Safety – it should be made with children’s safety in mind

Let’s go through the most popular pieces of furniture in Montessori homes.

High chair

We highly recommend getting a high chair for your child.

Not only because it’s a convenient and safe way of sitting for your little one. It also helps to contain the mess that will inevitably come along your baby’s first encounters with solid food.

The thing is – not every high chair is Montessori friendly. We prefer models that the children can climb on by themselves.

Other great features you should look for are:

  • Adjustable height (the chair will grow with your child)
  • Easy to climb on (promotes independence)
  • Removable front (so that you can clean it easily)

Stokke Trip Trapp adjustable high chair

Stokke Tripp Trapp

Stokke Trip Trapp is definitely one of the most popular high chairs on the market. And rightfully so. It is made of quality materials and highly adjustable, so it can be used by kids of almost any age. The best thing is that the children can easily climb into the seat by themselves.

Weaning table

A weaning table is another way to introduce the child to solid foods, creating a special place dedicated to eating.

It encourages independence and helps to promote table manners from early childhood as it resembles the real table

What’s more, it may be a little bit more comfortable than the high chair as the feet are placed firmly on the ground.

(This, of course, depends on the model, not to mention that some high chairs have some kind of foot support too)

SproutKids Adjustable Montessori Weaning Chair & Table Set

SproutKids is a popular brand manufacturing nop-notch Montessori furniture. Their adjustable weaning table and chair is a beautiful, easy-to-assemble set that will give any child the freedom and safety they need.

A high chair or a weaning table?

There’s a debate about what is better – a high chair or a weaning table.

Both have their advantages. While a high chair allows the child to be part of the table, a weaning table offers more independence and is more flexible. It can be used not only for eating but also for reading or arts and crafts.

In our household, we have resolved this issue in the following way:

We use a high chair in the kitchen for all the main meals and a weaning table in the living room for Ella’s snacks and other activities that require a table.

Read more in our post about the Montessori kitchen for toddlers.

Learning tower

Learning tower has quickly become a hit in many Montessori households.

It’s a simple raised platform with safety rails that is designed to lift a child up to counter height so that they can participate in everyday kitchen activities.

There’s no wonder why learning towers have become so popular:

  • They allow your child to reach the countertop and help with the meal preparation (thus promoting learning by doing)
  • They encourage independence (the children can climb up and down by themselves)
  • They’re much safer than a simple stool or chair – the safety sidebars will prevent your child from falling
  • They don’t take too much space (some models are even foldable)

Read our full guide and find the best learning tower for your child.

Little Partners The Original Learning Tower

little partners learning tower

The learning tower by Little Partners is the perfect kitchen helper stool – it is safe, made from natural materials, easy to climb on and sturdy. As a bonus, it is available in 7 colors and there’s a lot of additional equipment you can purchase to improve the versatility of this tower.

Step stools

Although we wouldn’t claim that step stools are an equivalent alternative to learning towers, they can be a great additional help – especially in places where a learning tower would be impractical (e.g. bathroom sink or toilet).

There are many great products from this category – we really like the Wood City step stool from Amazon or this beautiful step stool from Etsy.

Pikler triangle

The iconic triangular climbing frame known as the Pikler triangle was named after the Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler. She designed it as a tool to help children climb freely and safely and develop their gross motor skills. 

This climbing frame has become a is a very popular item in many Montessori households as it aligns perfectly with the philosophy of Maria Montessori.

It promotes freedom of movement and independence and focuses on the improvement of important gross motor skills such as balance and coordination. 

Mini Climber by Piccalio

piccalio mini climber

 If you have a little climber at home and you need to curb his or her desire to climb the furniture, this sturdy climbing frame might be a good solution for you. The Mini climber is a popular Pikler triangle that is suitable for children from an early age of six months.

Montessori floor bed

A Montessori bed is another popular item on the list of pieces of furniture that are in accordance with the Montessori method.

The key feature that makes a bed “Montessori” is that it is low enough so that the children can climb it on their own.

It promotes independence and freedom of movement, which you might have noticed, is something that is very important in Montessori philosophy.

Instead of waiting in the crib for someone to pick them up, the child can get out of the bed in the morning and play with the toys. Or they can go to bed and lie down when they’re tired instead of waiting for the parent.

Montessori Floor Bed by Sprout Kids

floor bed

This beautiful, sturdy floor bed made from durable Baltic birch wood is made in Utah, USA. It is available in 3 sizes (Crib, Twin and Full) and provides a great opportunity for your child to learn to sleep independently.

Tip: Check out our recommendations on how to pick the right mattress for a Montessori floor bed.

Toy shelf

Toy shelves are an integral part of Montessori education.

A good toy shelf shouldn’t overwhelm your child. It should be simple and offer a limited number of toys while being accessible so that the children can reach and access the toys by themselves.

It embodies the Montessori principle of “freedom within limits” – the children are free to pick any toy they want but the number of toys to pick from is limited to the ones the parents decide to be the most appropriate for them at that time.

Sprout Kids Birch Montessori Shelves

Infant Shelf

The Sprout Kids toy shelves are a great way to apply the Montessori principles of education in the playing area of your little one. They are made of high-quality, durable birch wood. They have a kid-friendly design (both in terms of dimensions and safety) and they are very easy to assemble. 

Montessori bookshelf

What makes a bookshelf Montessori?

The typical feature is that the books are facing forward so that the children can easily find and pick the book they want. This is especially useful for younger kids who may not be able to identify the books by its name on the spine.

Having a bookshelf with forward-facing books also means it doesn’t contain too many books and overwhelm your child. Also, it looks very nice, fosters reading, and helps to maintain the order.

If you want to find more tips on how to set up a perfect playing area for your child, read our detailed guide to a Montessori playroom.

Lexico Book Display Shelf

lexico book shelf

The wooden bookshelf by Sprout Kids has a perfect height for children to see and reach for any book they want to read at the moment. It has everything a piece of Montessori furniture should have – it features natural materials, provides educational value, and encourages independence. 

Montessori wardrobe

The last piece of furniture we mention in this list is a child-sized wardrobe. The idea behind it is the same as with other Montessori-friendly items – to give the children control over their everyday activities and decisions.

Having a special wardrobe for your kids fosters their independence and responsibility for choosing their own clothing and keeping it in order.

Montessori style children wardrobe

montessori wardrobe

This Montessori-friendly wardrobe by MontessoriHOUSEbed consists of a simple plywood frame with a clothing rack and 4 storage shelves. It has the perfect height for toddlers to reach and choose their clothes every day.

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