montessori toy for 4-5 month olds

Best Montessori Toys for 4-5 Month Olds

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Children at the age around 4 – 5 months are adorable.

They may surprise you with full-out belly laughs and other noises of excitement.

They form a very close bond with their parents and start to recognize some gestures and facial expressions of the people around them.

What’s more, they start to discover their own hands and feet (it is nothing unusual for them to put their feet in their mouth), as well as the world around them by rolling from back to side and from back to front.

What toys are the best?

Although there are hundreds of beautiful toys available for babies at this age, the best you can do for the development of your little angel is to spend as much time with him/her as possible.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about the toys at all. The 4 – 5 months old babies actually start to show much more interest in toys and there are many toys that are just perfect for this age.

If we should choose one feature of a baby-friendly toy at this age, it’s simplicity. And that’s why we love the Montessori approach. It takes into consideration the developmental stage of your child and aims at encouraging the skills rather than overwhelming the baby with colors or sounds.

Last but not least, the toys should be made of high-quality and safe materials as there’s a high chance every toy will end up being chewed on.

So let’s take a look at the best Montessori toys for 4-5 months old babies.

Baby playmat

baby playmat

Providing a safe space for your little one to move and explore is essential. So we start our list of toys with an item that’s not exactly a toy.

A baby playmat is perfect for a play area or a Montessori playroom. It is soft enough to prevent injuries and provide a comfortable tummy time place but firm enough to support the first clumsy movements of your little athlete. 

It was one of the first things we bought for little Ella and we couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s a one-time investment that you’ll find useful for a long time.

Montessori floor mirror for babies

montessori mirror

A baby mirror is a great tool to promote movement and help with cognitive, physical, and social development.

Although children at this age don’t know they’re looking at themselves (this realization comes much later, at about 18 months), they just love making faces and observing their little friend in the mirror.

Make sure to use a safe mirror (like the model above by ECR Kids) that is shatterproof and has the right height for your little one’s tummy time activities.

Soft gripping ball

gripping ball

As the kids at this age start learning to reach out, grasp and pass objects from one hand to another, you can introduce rattles, grasping balls, and other small toys that encourage these skills.

A soft gripping ball is a perfect toy for your little kitten. It is just the right size and firmness for your baby’s hand to practice grasping, passing from one hand to another or throwing. You can find various beautiful color combinations that will stimulate your baby’s vision.

Of course, the toy is suitable for children of any age, it’s just the activities the baby performs with it that change over time. 

Wooden baby roller rattle

This wooden roller rattle by PlanToys is a nice, simple and aesthetically pleasing toy that will stimulate your baby’s vision as well as hearing. It is made of environmentally-friendly, safe rubber tree wood ideal for small children.

Montessori interlocking discs

interlocking discs

This version of interlocking discs is suitable for infants as the pieces are glued together. So the point is not to fit them together like a puzzle (which is a version for toddlers) but to train passing the object from one hand to another.

Also, they are designed to be rolled on the floor. So as soon as your baby is mobile, she can chase after it and train crawling.

Montessori spinning drum

spinning drum

A Montessori spinning drum is a great toy to exercise your baby’s hand movements – it develops wrist and arm strength and hand-eye coordination while stimulating the visual skills through various colors. 

Visual stimulation cards

visual stimulation cards

When it comes to visual development, color perception improves considerably by 5 months of age. So you may pay more attention to colors when it comes to looking for the right toys.

This set of visual stimulation cards was developed by educational experts and provides just the right stimulus for your baby’s brain at the right level – 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months and 12 months to 3 years. 

Each set includes a guide prepared by a child psychologist.

(You can also download our free visual stimulation cards that are part of our collection of free Montessori printable cards.)

Wooden teether with crochet grasping beads

beads teether

Most babies start teething at around 4 – 6 months and wood can be a very soothing material for the swollen gums. So this beautiful wooden teether is a great and safe way to give your little one something to chew on.

Not to mention a beautiful bracelet made of crochet grasping beads to develop your child’s grasping skills. 

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