montessori toys for 2-3 month olds

Best Montessori Toys for 2-3 Month Olds

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So a new baby has joined your family. You want to do everything right.

How can you help your little one develop her full potential, boost intelligence and creativity?

We love the Montessori approach because it is very simple and beautiful and each Montessori toy has a purpose. But are there really Montessori toys suitable for 2 or 3 month old children?

Let’s take a look…

Your face > Montessori toys

If you’ve discovered the beauty of the Montessori method, just like we did when our daughter Ella was a couple of months old, you probably think you need to buy all the materials and toys, right now…

Let me stop you here.

The truth is – in the first couple of months, no toy is as stimulating for your child as hearing your voice and seeing your face. (And you really don’t have to worry if you don’t look perfect due to the lack of sleep… :))

The best thing you can do is to spend time with your newborn. Doing simple activities like:

  • talking
  • singing
  • cuddling

It doesn’t mean you can’t buy any toys. Just remember what we said above before buying every single rattle and 3 sets of baby gym carousels.

So, what toys are worth it?

There are some toys that are great at this early age. Not because they can replace you, but because they can serve as a great additional activity.

Below, we list the best Montessori toys in the first 3 months of your baby’s life. Although, I am sure your child will play with them for a much longer period of time. Let’s take a look.

Handmade Montessori mobiles

Montessori mobiles

If you already know a little bit about Montessori, I am sure you have seen these beautiful mobiles. They are simple and not overwhelming (or loud) as other commercial baby mobiles often are.

There are four different kinds (Munari, Octahedron, Gobbi & Dancers) that are used in various stages of your child’s development. Montessori mobiles are perfect for encouraging infants’ visual sensory skills, developing focus and color/shape recognition.

You can simply make them by yourself. Or you can find this beautiful version on Amazon.

Baby Care Waterproof Baby Playmat

baby playmat

The Montessori method is all about natural development and free movement. They may seem immobile, but little newborns already do a lot of stretching and kicking. And they need appropriate space for it.

Although not exactly a toy, playmat helps to create an ideal playground for children to start discovering the world around them. It is soft, keeps the warmth (as opposed to a common carpet) while providing a stable platform for their first movements (so much better than a soft crib or a bed mattress).

Also, I can assure you that the playmat will stay with you for a much longer time than the first couple of months. It is an ideal place for rolling, first clumsy crawling or simply playing safely!

Natural wooden teether and rattle

teether and rattle

Rattle does not need any introduction. It can be used in many ways to entertain your child.

Whether you need to encourage him to turn her head to side (and later to start rolling and crawling) or delay her crying a little bit, a couple of nice rattles always come in handy.

This one is made of natural wood. Together with this cute bunny-teether made of wood and cotton (as you probably know, babies chew a lot; on anything), it is a great way for your child to come in contact with natural materials.

High contrast cloth book for newborns

sensory book

Isn’t it a little bit too early to give a book to a newborn?

Well, yes and no. Of course the goal is not the reading activity itself (although the earlier you start introducing the books to your children, the more natural part of their life it will become).

There’s another purpose. Newborns’ color perception is limited. This beautiful book has simple, high-contrast pictures that will definitely catch your baby’s attention when needed – during tummy time or a trip in the car seat.

It was made in accordance with scientific research in the field of early cognitive specialization of infants and we love the result!

Sensory texture squares

texture squares

A lot of the toys for small infants aim at developing their vision. But babies are curious little beings and they love discovering the world with all the senses!

I feel like touch is a little bit overlooked. I remember putting different textures I found around at home to Ella’s little hand and I cannot stress enough how much she was enjoying it.

These sensory textures squares come with various surfaces (bumpy, furry, fuzzy, nubby, etc.). Your baby will play with them for a very long time and you can also use them later for many Montessori activities for older children.

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