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Montessori Fall Activities & Toy Ideas (Not Only) for Toddlers

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It is official. The fall has arrived.

I noticed that many parents I meet at the playgrounds are somewhat terrified of the upcoming months. Short days, dark afternoons, cold, rainy, windy weather… What will we do with our children to keep our sanity? 😀 

Even though I prefer summer over fall too, I look forward to the new season and the change it will bring. There are so many things you can do with your children, so many things they can learn.

So I decided to share some of our favorite Montessori fall-related activities.

child and mother fall outdoor

Fall activities we love

I’ll start with our favorite outdoor activities.

Yes, dressing for outside is starting to take more and more time with all the layers and caps and scarfs, but once we are out, the fun begins.

We enjoy taking a walk in the neighborhood, sometimes wandering into the close forest and discovering how nature slowly prepares for winter.

The truth is, the most dreadful part for our 20-month-old Ella’s day is to return back home after an afternoon spent outside.

So here are some fall activities in accordance with the Montessori principles:

Picking leaves, pines, acorns, …

Picking up small things from the ground is an all-time favorite activity for Ella as she is currently fascinated with small objects.

I am glad I can now transfer her orientation from dirt to something more beautiful – leaves, pines, acorns. We look for the most beautiful ones, for the green ones, or the yellow ones. We talk about different shapes and colors and learn what tree they belong to.

Then we take the most beautiful ones home and use them for different arts and crafts activities or for decoration.

Arts and crafts with leaves

There are so many activities you can do with the leaves – depending on the age of your child.

With Ella, we learn how to put glue on a leaf and then stick it to a paper (here’s a handy guide). This way she can create her own collection of tree leaves and learn their names.

Or you can draw over a leaf under a blank paper.

There are unlimited options…

fall decoration

Fall decorations

The Montessori approach puts a lot of emphasis on beauty.

One of our favorite activities with Ella is to create our own decorations. She has her own little vase where she can arrange the leaves according to her taste. It is always beautiful.

You can add some acorns and pines (I recommend washing them thoroughly and drying them) and create a nice little fall-themed table decoration.

Kite flying

What is the best and most evergreen activity you can do in the fall?

Kite flying!

Whether you make your own kite or buy one, it is always fun. Children love chasing kites and running with it in the wind. And the parents are usually equally excited!

Apple picking, harvesting

Ella loves spending time in the garden. Her favorite activities are collecting the vegetables, picking apples and prunes with grandparents, and putting them in the basket.

She can spend hours opening dried beans and sorting them into different bowls – according to their color or size.

She has been helping grandparents to prepare the garden for the fall. Not only was it a great time for them, but also a fantastic opportunity for her to learn about nature.

fall garden activities

Baking and cooking

Last but not least, our favorite activity has become baking and cooking. Thanks to the learning tower, I now have a little helper in the kitchen.

I recommend this great recipe for a kid-friendly pumpkin “latte”.

Montessori-friendly toys

Here are some Montessori inspired toys for toddlers that are great in the fall season. We especially love the all-time classics – kite flying and Radio Flyer wagons for garden activities. 

Of course, as the days become shorter and colder, we spend more time indoors. Luckily, there are also many activities to do inside. Let’s take a look. 

Rainbow Kite with Safety Certificate

rainbow kite

This easy to assemble, lightweight kite with a safety certificate is a great companion for the windy afternoons spent in the nature.

Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon

radio flyer wagon

Radio Flyer wagon is a classic toy for any season. During the fall, it can be used to transport apples, fallen leaves, or the little gardener.

Natural Wooden Lacing Toy

lacing toy

This beautiful lacing toy made of different kinds of perfectly sanded wood is great for the hand-eye coordination development.

Wooden leaf puzzle

A beautiful Montessori toy and an educational puzzle with the wooden leaves made of their respective woods!

Counting acorns 

wooden acorns

A cute little set of 18 colorful wooden acorns made of natural materials. Great for sorting, color learning, and counting.

All Around Bustletown: Fall (board book)

all around bustletown fall

The most popular books in our household are the ones from the All Around Bustletown series by Rotraut Susanne Berner.

Modifiable Pikler triangle

modifiable Pikler triangle

Whenever we cannot go outside due to bad weather, but Ella seems to have excessive energy, we know our Pikler triangle will have a huge success.

Bonus: Fall song

We love to sing this song when we are outside! 

(Image credit: The Classroom Creative)

fall poem song

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