Pikler Triangle Black Friday

Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Pikler Triangle Deals (2022)

Pikler triangle is one of the most popular children’s climbing accessories in many households. With Black Friday 2021 just around the corner, you’re probably waiting with your purchase for some nice discounts. 

We decided to help you and created this page dedicated to Black Friday Pikler Triangle deals. It will be updated frequently to bring you the most recent discounts and deals.

Pikler Triangle by Piccalio

piccalio pikler triangle

A high-quality, US-made Pikler triangle. Free shipping and responsible packaging. Available in 3 sizes.

Free shipping on all US continental orders

Montessori Climbing Triangle by Sprout Kids

sprout kids climbing triangle

A quality-made, foldable Pikler triangle made in the US. Free shipping included.

10% off – use the code GiveGrowth at the checkout

Montessori Climbing Sets by Goodevas

An amazing deal on a 4-in-1 climbing set by the US-based manufacturer Goodevas.

50% off

Transformable Pikler triangle by HappyMoon

happymoon pikler triangle

A unique, transformable Pikler triangle model made in Europe.

20% off

Pikler triangle climbing set by Lily and River

lily and river pikler triangle

A beautiful Pikler triangle climber by the US manufacturer Lily and River.

15% off

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions of people who consider the purchase of a Pikler triangle:

How much is a Pikler triangle?

Most Pikler triangle models range between $200 and $400. The most important factors that influence the price of a Pikler triangle are these:

  • size of the model
  • wood type
  • finish
  • custom colors
  • add-ons (such as ramps, ladders, slides, etc.)

What age is a Pikler triangle best for?

Our experience (as well as the experience of many Montessori parents) is that the Pikler triangle is suitable for small children as soon as they start crawling and climbing on other objects (which is usually around 6 months).

The climbing triangle was designed by Dr. Emmi Pikler in accordance with her philosophy specifically for smaller children – to help them develop their gross motor skills and learn climbing in a safe way.

Most Pikler triangle models are built with this in mind, the distances between the rods are made in a way that enables small arms and legs to reach the next one easily. 

What size should I buy?

There’s no standard size of a Pikler triangle. Most models’ height ranges between 25” to 43” (60 cm and 110 cm) and it is only up to you which size will fit your needs.

The smaller models may be more suitable for smaller children but they’re usually just as confident with bigger models. And vice versa – older toddlers can still have a lot of fun with smaller models.

We would definitely recommend buying a foldable model – this way you can easily store the climber when not in use without taking up too much space. 

Are Pikler triangles safe?

Yes, Pikler triangles are designed to be climbed on so when compared with other things children love to climb (such as trees or various pieces of household furniture), Pikler triangles are generally very safe.

Of course, adult supervision is still needed as with any other gross motor development toy or item. We also recommend using a soft mat or a rug beneath the climbing frame.

For more information about Pikler triangles, their history and benefits, check out our detailed Pikler triangle guide

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